How methodology determines what is critical – IRTC in June 2018 in Vancouver

« How methodology determines what is critical » – this is the title of the first Round Table on Criticality held at the international conference « Resources for Future Generations », Vancouver, on June 19, from 13:30-17:00 local time. We are looking forward to welcoming interested guests at this gathering of international experts on materials criticality. Meet us on June 19 in room 117 at RFG!

It is also be possible to participate online (Audio/Video streaming): Please dial in here from 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Time Table

13:30 Welcome Alessandra Hool, ESM Foundation
13:35 Introduction Luis Tercero, ESM Foundation
13:50 Stimulus presentation NRC methodology Rod Eggert, CMI / Colorado School of Mines
14:00 Stimulus presentation Yale methodology Tom Graedel, Yale University
14:10 Stimulus presentation USGS methodology Nedal Nassar, USGS
14:20 Stimulus presentation EU methodology Milan Grohol, European Commission
14:30 Stimulus presentation Augsburg methodology Andrea Thorenz, University of Augsburg
14:40 Stimulus presentation Granta methodology James Goddin, Granta Design (remotely)
14:50 Stimulus presentation KIRAM / KITECH methodology Min-Ha Lee, KITECH
15:00  Coffee Break  
15:30 Round Table Discussion Round Table
16:30 Round Table Discussion including audience All
17:00 Closing
From 17:15 Apéritif – Invitation by ESM Foundation and EIT Raw Materials All

Round Table participants

Name Institution
Wei-Qiang Chen Chinese Academy of Sciences
Rod Eggert CMI / Colorado School of Mines
Tom Graedel Yale University
Maïté Le Gleuher BRGM
Milan Grohol European Commission
Gavin Mudd RMIT
Nedal Nassar USGS
Armin Reller University of Augsburg
Luis Tercero Fraunhofer ISI / ESM Foundation
Steven Young University of Waterloo
David Peck TU Delft
Alessandra Hool (Moderation) ESM Foundation
Dieuwertje Schrijvers (Co-Moderation) University of Bordeaux


Participating experts in the audience

Vitor Correia EFG
Christian Hagelüken Umicore
Karen Hanghøj EIT Raw Materials
Rene Kleijn University of Leiden
Henrik Ørskov Grundfos
Andrea Thorenz University of Augsburg
Patrick Wäger Empa


From 8:30-12:00 in the morning of June 19, there will be a session with the same title organised by EIT RawMaterials which introduces the topic from different perspectives (research, industry and policy-making). It will take place in the same room (117).

After the Round Table from 17:15, participants and audience are invited for drinks and snacks to continue the discussion.

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 19!

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