In-use stocks and secondary supply of CRMs – IRTC 2019 in Beijing

In-use stocks and secondary supply of Critical Raw Materials


The fourth Round Table took place on July 7, 2019, at the 10th International Conference of the Society for Industrial Ecology in Bejing, China. The event aimed at stimulating the discussion on in-use stocks and secondary supply of critical raw materials, and especially Rare Earth Elements, between researchers of different countries. Invited talks in the morning set the scene on the role of secondary supply for criticality. It furthermore was addressed how secondary supply can support global efforts towards a sustainable future, and how possible barriers can be overcome. While the first part of the morning covered these broad aspects, the second part showed concrete examples of research and industry efforts to analyse stocks and find new methods to reduce waste. At the Round Table discussion in the afternoon – with Consortium partners and invited guests – these aspects were carved out in more detail.

Click here to view the program of the fourth Round Table. You can find the presentations here (password protected).