Sharing Knowledge

Attributes, goal and scope of criticality methods

IRTC aims at advancing awareness of criticality issues and seeks to find ways to solve the problem of finite resources.

To this end, it has been compiling a publicly accessible list of different criticality methods. In this spreadsheet, you can view the various methods for assessing criticality. They are all summarized and examined under the same aspects: What is their purpose and scope? What timeframe do they defer from? What indicators are used, which results does the method yield and what are its gaps and weaknesses?

The list is not exhaustive and  continues to be updated. We invite you as an expert in this field to help complement this list by adding information about certain methods or presenting a new method which has not yet been added to the list!

A review of methods and data to determine raw material criticality

In line with the aims mentioned above, the first phase of the IRTC project has been concluded with the publication of a joint scientific article.

Criticality library

Click here to request access to this spreadsheet. More information will follow soon.